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Storylab is a tool for creating and editing multimodal texts. The tool gives the student the opportunity to combine text with other forms of expressions, such as figures, voice recordings, images, and videos, to tell their stories. Storylab provides access to millions of multimedia resources through the tool's open library.

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Idealab makes it possible to share ideas and to visualize concepts. Explore concepts and organize ideas in mind maps, timelines or sorting boxes.
Share your ideas as images, convert them to stories in Storylab or presentations in Colab for further collaboration.

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Colab is an interactive presentation too made for facilitating collaborative learning. With features such as word cloud, open-ended assignments and questionnaires, it is easy to engage and activate your audience. Use and edit existing teaching material or create your own from scratch.

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Mylab is Learnlab's tool for formative assessment. With Mylab you can easily organize and distribute tasks and submissions with different types of text, images, audio, and video.
Engage the students by letting them take part in the learning process from start to finish.

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Medialab gives students new opportunities to express their competences. The tool is designed to easily combine images, movies, symbols, sound and special effects to create and edit your own podcasts and movies. Use Learnlab's comprehensive resource library or upload your own files to the tool.