Why can we offer free educational software?

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LearnLab offers a free platform for creating and sharing educational content in the form of interactive learning sessions. You might have wondered why we can develop software and give it away for free? The answer is that we are supported by institutions in the Nordic public education sector to create the educational resources of tomorrow.

LearnLab is based on a vision of playing a key role in changing educational systems all over the world. We wish to promote inclusion, well-being, democracy and human rights for all learners. This involves giving all learners equal access to relevant content based on their context and culture. Content that enables learners to solve the challenges we are facing in the world today. The first step in realizing our vision has been to develop a platform for creating and sharing educational content that activates learners and enables the discovery of new concepts.

We in LearnLab are therefore very happy to have received financial support from The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training, Innovation Norway and The Research Council of Norway to develop LearnLab. This has given us the possibility to provide educators and learners with new, innovative and free educational technology. The technology we provide for free today, will also remain free in the future, and never be a part of a payment plan.

In addition to the free LearnLab platform, we also offer a licensed service for educational systems with Single sign-on (SSO) for students. LearnLab can be integrated with the SSO platform to track student activity on an individual level and generate data for formative assessment.

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