Questions for deep learning

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When teaching, which questions should you ask to promote deeper learning? Here are examples of questions that promote different competences. Good teaching balances these types of questions.

Over the past few years, we have studied over 300 classrooms and discussed with teachers what “deep learning” means, and not least what it looks like in practice. Definitions of deep learning often explain deep learning as knowledge of concepts that is developed and remembered over time – and that can be applied across contexts. Perhaps most important is the knowledge and concepts that the student can use to solve complex problems in a creative way.

Deeper learning in practice is discovering the need for a concept and then internalizing the concept in a way that permanently alters our ability to use the term for innovation and problem-solving. This is best done through the use of learning lessons designed to allow students to discover concepts and to permanently change the student’s ability to use the concept in different contexts. The best way a teacher can develop a deeper understanding in students is to be aware of what questions they ask, what concepts these questions should enable the learner to discover, and finally what content/images/tools the teacher should use to increase the opportunity for students to develop a deep understanding of concepts.

This is why we have created 11 different step types in LearnLab, with different functionalities and visual tools to make it possible to ask questions that promote all the different types of competence.

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