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Storylab is a tool for multimodal texts, where you create and publish interactive stories.

Learnlab has developed Storylab to strengthen the students’ possibility to combine text with other forms of expression. Storylab gives you access to millions of open resources in the form of images, symbols, and videos. The students work with text, symbols, audio, video, and images to create their own digital books.

You choose the format of the digital book you want to make. You have the option to fill it with images, text, video or symbols and audio in any way you see fit. You move the different elements around on each page and the page number is unlimited.

In Storylab you will find a resource library with millions of images, videos and symbols that are usable freely withing Storylab. The library is searchable and can be sorted by the concepts of LK20. You can also upload your own audio, video, symbols, and images.

Storylab allows for independent and collaborative work.

You can add images to a page in Storylab by using the menu to the left and clicking images. You can search for images in the Storylab library or upload your own image.

If you want to upload your own image you can choose among files on your device or copy an image and paste it into the upload area.

You can assign one or more co-authors to a Storylab. This allows you to work together and edit the same book.

You can assign co-authors in the overview of your Storylabs. Click the three dots in the top right-hand corner of the Lab you want to make collaborative and choose co-author. Both colleagues and students can be made co-authors.

If you share a copy of a Storylab, the people you share it with will get their own version of the Lab that they can edit and continue working on without it affecting your original Lab.

If you want to share a copy of a Storylab with colleagues or your students, you can do this in the overview of your Storylabs. Click on the three dots in the top right-hand corner of the Storylab you want to share and select share a copy. This will open a window where you can select which users you want to share with. You will only be able to share with your colleagues or students at your place of work.

Storylab is only available for users with a license agreement. If your place of work has a license and you still get this message, please contact support. Provide us with your username and log-in method (email, Facebook, Google, Feide).

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