Innovative Ecosystem

LearnLab: the Safe and Ethical EdTech Choice

LearnLab’s goal is to move the focus from summative to formative assessment. Learnlab’s ecosystem is the most comprehensive ecosystem for learning that focuses on collective deep learning. Many schools and organizations experience insecurity related to products that are not part of their ecosystem or tailored to national standards.

LearnLab is both a safe and innovative software. All our tools connects to your chosen ecosystem with single sign-on (SSO) and ready-made application programming interfaces (APIs). Within the LearnLab universe, you can easily move between the different tools.

Starting with a word cloud in CoLab, you can easily convert it in to a story in StoryLab, or to a mind map in IdeaLab. All our tools are directly linked to the national curriculum. Data or student products can be transferred to Learning Management Systems (LMS).