Collective learning and reflections

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We give participants the opportunity to expand their understanding of concepts, acquire new knowledge and scaffold these new competencies on existing knowledge through a diverse selection of interactive steps. Design learning sessions that enable learners to build on each other’s suggestions and input. Build on the group`s work by continuous evaluation as a basis for producing something better together. With Colab you use the group to change the group!


Create engaging content for your audience.

Multiple Choice

With visual representation of answers from the audience.

Word Cloud

Take stock of your audience in real-time.

Open Question

Gather and share thoughts and reflections.


Vary and engage with video.

Image Cloud

Create an image cloud in real-time with your audience.


Categorize and sort the group's ideas.


Get a feel for the group with full control of both questions and alternatives.


Test your group with full control of both questions and alternatives.


Enhance your audiences understanding by ranking and sorting concepts.


Explore the connection between concepts.


Engage your audience with Augmented Reality.