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Do you experience that courses and presentations in your organization are dominated by a few people who talk a lot, while the opinions of others do not emerge? Does the leader/facilitator ask questions directed at everyone, while only a few respond? Do you want the opinions of everyone in the organization to form the basis for learning, future choices, and decisions?

Enable your organization to become a digital learning organization 😊

Convert your existing content and processes to collective interactions by using the LearnLab interactive toolbox!

With an Enterprise License on Learnlab you can enable your organization to create motivational courses, meetings or conferences where participants find solutions and reflect on complex dilemmas together.

The license is tailored to suit organizations that want to create motivating and interactive processes. These digital resources are interactive learning sessions with a focus on the participants being able to collaborate and discover key concepts themselves. The interactive functions and structure of the learning sessions are developed to include the participants in their own learning. These learning sessions can also be carried out as distance learning, or as a mix of someone meeting and sitting together while the rest are spread out over different locations.

Participants can see each other’s production, suggestions, and input. In this way, the participants can participate in collective idea development where they see what the others are thinking. The organization also gets access to a separate network where selected content can be shared with everyone in the organization, or shared with customers and partners.

The Enterprise License on Learnlab can also include guidance in facilitating interactive courses. If you order this service, you will have a permanent interactive digital expert in LearnLab as a contact. You can communicate directly with this expert to develop interactive courses and meetings. We also hold courses in Pedagogical use of ICT for progressive pedagogical learning.

The Enterprise License on Learnlab may also include guidance in creating content for internal use or content that your organization wishes to sell or give away to others. The Kindle service includes using LearnLab’s authoring tools to create interactive learning with a focus on collective production and sharing.

LearnLab Enterprise License includes:

Additional services:

LearnLab follows Norwegian / EU GDPR rules and all data is stored on AWS servers in Ireland.

For more information or offers for the organization license contact: yngve@learnlab.net