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It is free to create a LearnLab-user and to use CoLab to create, edit and conduct learning sessions with participants.

There are several free resources in the library that you can copy to your labs, edit, and use together with participants. Your free user and the sessions you create in CoLab will never become paid features.

With a LearnLab-license you get:

  • Access to LearnLab’s digital ecosystem (CoLab, StoryLab, IdeaLab and MyLab
  • Customizable learning resources for LK20
  • Webinar with user training for teachers
  • Feide-log in for teachers and students
  • A visual “concept library” with millions of resources
  • A complete digital system for learning that ensures privacy

Our learning resources cover all levels of the school system. Read more about our digital content packages here

In the library you will find complete learning resources in the form of CoLabs, StoryLabs and IdeaLabs. You will also find series, in the form of Labs, tasks and teachers’ guides tied to overarching themes and concepts.

In the library you can preview resources and series by clicking the thumbnail. You can create a personal copy that you can edit and use as you see fit by clicking copy to my labs.

In the library you will find all the learning resources that you have access to. If you are a free user, you will only have access to the basic resources. If you are a licensed user, you will have access to the content that your school or organization has purchased, and what your colleagues have shared.

You can search for resources by using the search bar. You can search for the title or subject of resources. You can also search for curriculum objectives by using the settings under the search bar.

The first time you access the library you will be asked to choose which library you want to see. You can change these settings later by clicking the cogwheel to the right of the search bar.

If you have gotten a new Feide-ID and can’t locate your old Labs you can send an email to support@learnlab.net. Supply us with both your old and new Feide-IDs and we will move the content to your new user.

If you created your user with an email, Facebook or Google account you can change the email connected to your user on your own by doing the following: Make sure you are logged in and click the icon next to your name in the top right-hand corner. Select profile. Under the profile picture you have the option to change your email address.

This does not work if you log on with a Feide-user.

Check the spam folder in your email if the email from LearnLab does not show up in your regular inbox.  

If you don’t find the link there, contact support@learnlab.net and we will help you.

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